Basics and overview of app design

Basics and overview of app design

After successfully creating an app, your next step is to design your app the way you want. JMango360 provides you with a range of useful features to help you get a beautiful and attractive app.

Where to design your app?

You design your app in the Design module in JMango360 Back Office.

Design the home screen

Home screen is one of the most critical aspects of your app. It gives your customers an idea of what you are selling and helps them navigate to important categories within app. You can customize the following aspects of the home screen:
  1. Title bar: Define the settings for the title bar of your app. For example, you can display text label or company logo in the title bar.
  2. Slideshow: Create a stunning slideshow for visual cues and navigation.
  3. Buttons: Create a set of buttons to link to important categories and products within app.

Add and manage features

Besides the categories and content pages imported from the web store, you can create and manage many other features as follows:
  1. Home Screen: Great your customers with a flashy customizable home screen.
  2. Product Catalog: Create a product catalog in app. 
  3. Info Page: Add company information such as about us, FAQ, terms and conditions, or other important information.
  4. Locations: Display your physical stores and relevant information about the stores such as addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, etc.
  5. Customer Enquiry: Let your customers provide their feedback using different types of enquiries.
  6. Link to webpage: Redirect your customers to your website with one click.
  7. Click-to-action: Allow your customers to call, text, or email you with one click.
  8. Product Scanner: Allow your customers to use their smartphones as a product barcode scanner to quickly find products.
  9. Product Look Book: Create interactive look book that links to your products. 

Customize theme

Regarding theme settings, we provide you with a number of built-in color themes. You can make use of them or customize the colors of the title bar, bottom bar, and action buttons the way you want. You are also allowed to change the display settings for the title bar.

Preview your app

Preview is an absolutely necessary step during the design process. For details about app preview, please see How to preview my app before publishing?
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