Barcode and QR Scanner integration

Barcode and QR Scanner integration

This article will provide you with an overview of the Barcode/QR Scanner, the scope of the connection, and simple instructions on how to connect it to your app.

1. About Barcode and QR Scanner

Barcode and QR scanner will interpret product-related information encoded in barcodes or QR codes. This integration allows users to save time and reduce errors, thereby improving search efficiency and overall shopping satisfaction.

By connecting the Barcode and QR Scanner to your app, you can:
  1. Provide a quick and accurate way to access product information.
  2. Simplify repeat purchases.
  3. Combine in-store and online by allowing users to obtain product and stock information in the store.

2. Scope of the integration

The scope of the integration is defined as below: 
  1. Show a scanner icon in the search bar. 
  2. Possibility to link the scanner to a block or bottom tab navigation. 
  3. Scan barcodes and QR codes or enter barcodes manually with flashlight toggle.
  4. Display a quick Add to Cart pop-up if found one product. If there is more than one product, show results in the same way as a search function.
  5. Show recently scanned products in grid view. 
Note: The scanner (and manual input) will look up data in the Product UPC/EAN field in the BigCommerce backend.

3. Connecting Barcode and QR Scanner and your app

To set up the integration, simply follow the steps below:
  1. In Alphonso, navigate to Integrations, and select Barcode/QR Scanner.
  2. Click Connect and you’re done!

If you have any further questions about using my account, we’re happy to help! Please reach out to us at!
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