Get started with JMango360 Back Office

Get started with JMango360 Back Office

JMango360 Back Office is the password-protected back office where you configure and design your app and perform other administrative tasks. It consists of two areas:
  1. Orchard: Where you manage your account, app analytics, and other administrative tasks
  2. JMango360 App Management: Where you manage the settings and design of your apps


From the side menu in Orchard, you can:
  1. Manage your account in the My Account section
  2. Manage your apps in the App section
  3. Manage customers in the Manage Customers section in case you are JMango360 partner
In Orchard > App > My Apps, all the apps created under your account are placed. You can:

  1. Click the big icon next to the app name to go to JMango360 App Management to set up and design an app
  2. View app analytics with Analytics
  3. Manage push messages with Push Message
  4. Manage Subcriptions by with Subscription Management  ( you are not granted to view this area. Please ask custom team if you want to know more about your subscriptions)
  5. Delete unwanted apps by clicking the hamburger button to the right of an app and choosing Delete App

JMango360 App Management

After selecting an app in Orchard, you are taken to JMango360 App Management where you can do the following:
  1. Set up an app in the Settings module
  2. Design an app in the Design module
  3. Provide App Store information in the App Store Info module
  4. Visit app dashboard by clicking the Dashboard module. Here you can view app summary, app analytics, mobile order, devices that have your app installed, send and schedule push messages.

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