How many languages does JMango360 support?

How many languages does JMango360 support?

JMango360 makes it easy to prepare your app in multiple languages and regions. Currently, we support 15 languages and we are open to support more languages in the world. Feel free to contact us to have more information about app internationalization.

Below is the list of currently supported languages. Please note that app language will be set depending on the language of your website and the device language of the app users. 
  1. English - English
  2. Arabic - العربية
  3. Danish - Dansk
  4. Nederlands - Dutch
  5. Finnish - Suomi
  6. French - Français
  7. German - Deutsch
  8. Greek - Eλληνικά
  9. Italian - Italiano
  10. Norwegian - Norsk
  11. Portuguese - Português
  12. Chinese - 中文
  13. Spanish - Españo
  14. Swedish - Svenska
  15. Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

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