Increase app traffic with universal links

Increase app traffic with universal links

With universal links, you route users towards the app, if the app is installed, instead of your mobile website. This feature will increase your app traffic which allows you to fully utilize the benefits of your unique app channel and offer your clients the best experience on mobile.

Universal links support links from your own communication, for example, an email newsletter and (google) search results. 

Deep linking works differently on Android and iOS because each system offers its unique mechanism for implementing linking functionality. Specifically, Apple's iOS utilizes universal links, while Google's Android has app links.

2. Configuration support by JMango360

JMango360 handles the universal link configuration process as part of our support services. However, we still need assistance from the IT agency in uploading the configuration file on the web server. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact us  at

Once deep linking is enabled, you can use web URLs to send app users directly to specific destinations within the mobile app. 
  1. The main URL opens the app.
  2. A category URL will take users to the corresponding category.
  3. A product URL will take users to that product detailed page.

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