How to integrate chat into your app?

How to integrate chat into your app?

Please note that app version 2.46.0 or later is required.

Live chat is undoubtedly the winner of the customer support race. If you want to include live chat in your app, let's make use of our Link to webpage feature which allows you to add any URL to your app and decide whether to open the URL in in-app or external browser.

In JMango360 Back Office, navigate to the Design module > Add Feature > Link to webpage.

As long as the chat solution you use supports chat URL, you can open that chat URL via your app's Link to webpage feature. Many of our customers have delivered customer service via WhatsApp using this way.

That said, if no direct chat URL is available, you can use a little trick to work around that problem. Just create a blank webpage in your webstore and have only the chat function installed on that page. Now you can add the webpage URL to your app via Link to webpage

Did you know?

BigCommerce merchants who use Intercom live chat for customer support can make use of our Intercom Native Chat feature to integrate Intercom into their iOS app.

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