How to integrate your mobile app with Doofinder Product Search [PrestaShop]?

How to integrate your mobile app with Doofinder Product Search [PrestaShop]?

Search functionality is crucial for your website and mobile app to succeed. Knowing that, JMango360 is proud to introduce an integration with Doofinder -- a powerful internal search engine for e-commerce. 

The following parameters are required for the integration between your PrestaShop integrated app and Doofinder product search.

User ID

The userid identifies you in Doofinder's servers. You can find your userid in Doofinder Control Panel > My Account > API Keys.


API token is part of the API key you can get from your Doofinder Control Panel > My Account > API Keys. Please help to create an API key for the integration with JMango360 and provide us with the token.

An API key looks like this:


The eu1 part of the API token represents the zone where your search engine is stored. The API token is what you get when you remove the zone from the API key. In the example above the API token is:


Hash ID

The hashid identifies your search engine in Doofinder's servers. It can be found in the list of each engines in your Doofinder Control Panel and is a 32-character string.

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