JMango360 announcement: Sign in with Apple [Lightspeed]

JMango360 announcement: Sign in with Apple [Lightspeed]

In 2019, with the release of iOS 13, Apple introduced Sign in with Apple as a new way to sign up for accounts in apps and websites. Sign in with Apple allows app users to sign in to apps and websites using the Apple ID they already have instead of using a social media account, or filling out forms and choosing another new password.

By April 2020, every app available in Apple App Store must integrate Sign in with Apple. Apple guidelines state that apps that use a third-party or social login service such as Facebook Login and Sign in with Twitter to authenticate the user’s primary account with the app must also offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option. 

JMango360 has developed the feature Sign in with Apple. However, due to an operational unworkable situation for the shop owner (***), we can not release this feature. Implications are as below:
  1. For your existing iOS and Android apps: There will be no change.
  2. For new apps or app updates on iOS only: The current social logins can't be supported and will be removed. Please note that Android apps can be updated and/or released with social logins if desired.
We're in contact with Apple to change their default sign in flow and keep you updated about the progress. 

(***) Detailed information of the operational unworkable situation

When the app users set up their account with Sign in with Apple, they will be asked for an email address and have two options to choose from: 
  1. Share My Email: Choose this option to share their personal email address with the shop owner.
  2. Hide My Email: Choose this option to hide their personal email address and share a unique, random address created by Apple instead.
If the app users choose Hide My Email

A unique, random email address is created by Apple, so the users' personal email address isn't shared with the shop owner during the account setup and sign in process. 

If Apple's private email relay service is configured by the shop owner (by the registration of outbound email domains with Apple) the emails sent to this random email address are automatically forwarded to the users' personal email address.

Unfortunately, Lightspeed has not supported Sign in with Apple yet, thus making Apple's private email relay service can not be installed. The implication would be that emails throughout the order process are lost because those emails are send to a random email address. 

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