JMango360 B2B Solution - Storefront Overview

JMango360 B2B Solution - Storefront Overview


The Storefront displays all of the content you've created on StoryBlok and the settings from Admin Portal. This is also a location where B2B Buyers, B2B Buyer Employees, and Sales Agents can work on order creation and company management.


In Storefront's suite of solutions, we provide the following features: 

We suggest you read these articles in the following order for better understanding. 

Users find information on how to log into the storefront as different roles and recover their passwords when needed. 

This feature allows users to access, manage, and change their personal information and passwords.

This feature allows users to view and modify basic information about their company, such as the company's address book or name.

This feature assists the users in reviewing order information.

B2B Buyers can set up accounts for their employees, assign permissions, and monitor their performance.


B2B Buyers can view appointed sales representatives working on their Storefront.

This feature assists in assigning permissions for each role to decentralize/restrict their authority.

Getting Started

More information about the JMango360 B2B Solution delivery process can be found here. Your Storefront feature will be available as soon as you sign up for B2B Solution.

If you require assistance in using our products, please contact us via:

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