Which features does JMango360 offer and how to make use of them?

Which features does JMango360 offer and how to make use of them?

App design is an important part of mobile app development. With a long list of useful app features, we make it easy for you to design an eye-catching app that strongly appeals to your mobile customers.

Home Screen

Always add a home screen to welcome your mobile customers and give them a first impression of your business. Make sure that your customers can easily navigate from the home screen to the most important pages in your app by adding slides and buttons to the home screen. The slides and buttons can link to any page in your app (such as a product category), any new or featured product, or any URL.

Product Catalog

In most cases all of your wanted product categories are imported from your webstore during the integration, meaning that you don't need to create product categories on app manually. That said, chances are you want to create a product category that contains a list of the main categories (just like a table of contents) or a list of products under a particular category (just like a 'shortlisted' category). In those cases, make use of the product catalog feature to create a category as you would like.

Info Page

The info page feature makes it easy for customers to learn about your business and lets them stay in touch with you via call-to-actions buttons for phone call, email, website, and social media. Using this feature, you can add many types of text-based pages to your app such as About us, FAQ, terms & conditions, and help information.


If you have a physical store, always add the store locator to your app. With this function you help your customers to navigate to your store with Google Maps. You are also allowed to provide them with other useful information about your stores such as opening hours, phone numbers, and descriptions.

Customer Enquiry

Boost engagement with your customers and let them send feedback on anything they want. Customer enquiry gives your customers the ability to provide feedback and make enquiries while they are using your app. Their evaluations and reactions will be sent directly to your email address.

Your app is not all about products and products themselves. Normally you want to communicate with your customers and let them know helpful information such as loyalty program, social media, live chat function (with static URL), or video tutorials on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. That's where the link to webpage feature becomes essential to your app as it helps redirect your customers to the associated URL with one click.


Let customers instantly call, send SMS, or email you with the click-to-action feature. With this click-to-action button, your customers can perform one-click operations directly from the app without having to leave. Let's say your target is to get reservations for your restaurant, you can name the click-to-action button 'Make a reservation' and link the button to a call action. Now your customers can make a reservation with just a single tap.

Product Scanner B2C

Scan and shop! Using our product scanner B2C, your customers can quickly find a product by scanning the barcode, which saves their time and effort when shopping online. Imagine this: you have a group of items in front of you that you need to replenish. That's where the product scanner comes in handy. Simple scan the goods that you are running out of and re-order.

Product Look Book

Fashion look book can help build excitement around your products by showing how they can be put together to form complete 'looks' and 'stories'. With this feature you can create a look book of the products that you sell within your app. It's as easy as creating a look book page and adding related products to that page.
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