Magento: Why does the JMango360 reports not show any orders/sales/customers?

Magento: Why does the JMango360 reports not show any orders/sales/customers?


In Magento Admin > JMango360 > Reports, you can see different reports on orders, sales, and customers coming from your JMango360 apps. Unexpectedly, you do not see any data in these reports. 


If orders are not invoiced, they will not be retrieved to JMango360 order report. If you want to see those orders, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to Magento Admin, then go to JMango360 > Reports and select the report you want to view.
Step 2: Click statistics to refresh the data manually.
Step 3: Select the Orders report, then choose Refresh Lifetime Statistics and Submit.
Step 4: The data has been refreshed successfully. Now go to JMango360 > R‚Äčeports and select the report you want to view the latest data.

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