Lightspeed eCom (C-Series) customer settings

Lightspeed eCom (C-Series) customer settings

Settings available in JMango360 Back Office > Settings > Customer Settings.

Signup & password reset

  1. Web-based signup form: 2.9.2 [Native App] | 3.0.0 [React Native]
  2. Native signup form: 2.11.0 [Native App] | 3.0.0 [React Native]

When customers register on your app, they are stepping into the fast lane for all future checkouts. Regarding customer signup, you can enable or disable the following three settings: account signup, password reset, and email verification.

Customer & address information

  1. Customer form: 2.11.0 [Native App] | 3.0.0 [React Native]
  2. Address form: 2.59.0 [Native App] | 3.0.0 [React Native]
Make sure all the settings for customer & address fields in JMango360 Back Office are the same as those in Lightspeed eCom Back Office. 

Customer fields are used when your customers register a new account, check out as guest, and edit their existing profile. During account registration, five fields, namely First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Confirm Password, are the minimum required ones that reject any configuration. Besides these fields, other fields can be set to be shown/hidden and made optional/required according to your business's needs. 

Address fields are displayed in address book and checkout. Lightspeed allows you to configure the region field for your store's address form. To be specific, you can disable the region field, make it optional or required. 

To customize the customer fields and address fields on app, please go to JMango360 Back Office > Settings > Customer Settings > Customer & Address Info and make the same settings as in your Lightspeed backend.

Take note of the following:
  1. Configure settings: You can enable/disable fields and make them optional/required using the buttons onscreen.
  2. Company Info: Customers can create private or business accounts. While private accounts require no company information, business accounts call for company name (always required), COC number (optional or required), and TAX/VAT number (optional or required). In the backend, when you disable Company Information, you allow customers to create private accounts only. When you make this field optional, customers can choose between private and business accounts using the Customer Type field on storefront/mobile app. When you make this field required, you limit customers to business accounts only.
  3. COC/VAT number: As explained above, COC number and VAT number show up on app only if Company Info is included in the form (regardless of whether it is optional or required) and customers intend to create business accounts.
  4. Terms and conditions: If you want to add this check box to the registration page, select the last check box in the list and specify the pages using the drop-down lists. The two drop-down lists include all the info pages you added to your app (Design > Add Feature > Info Page).

Use Google Address Suggestion

  1. Native App version: 2.16.0
  2. React Native version: 3.0.0
  3. Default value: Enabled

Filling in the address form manually is time-consuming and may be error-prone. Google Address Suggestion makes things easier as it not only automatically detect your customers' current locations but it also enables the typeahead search behavior of the address search field.

The feature allows showing all relevant suggestions with full of address information based on the entered characters before. Once a customer selects one of the returned addresses, all the address fields will be automatically populated, thus saving time and preventing typing errors.

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