Manage customers [JMango360 partners]

Manage customers [JMango360 partners]

As a partner of JMango360, all of your customers are under your control in JMango360 Back Office. To manage your customers, go to JMango360 Back Office > Customer > Manage Customer.

Create new customers

To create a customer account, click Add New Customer and fill in the form, then click OK to finish. Please make sure that the username must be an email address.

Regarding the Status field, choose from the following three options:
  1. Pending Activate: The account is currently not active. The customer will get an email with an activation link.
  2. Activated: The account is currently active. Customers can log in using the username and password.
  3. Locked: The account is deactivated. 

Edit customers

If you want to edit your customer information or deactivate a customer account, please click the pencil icon  on the right of the account and change the information in the pop-up that appears.

Log in as customers

As a partner, you can log in your customer account with full permissions by clicking the customer icon  on the right of the account. You will be redirected to the chosen customer account in a new tab.
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