Manage devices that have your app installed

Manage devices that have your app installed

Please go to JMango360 Back Office > App Dashboard > Devices to manage all devices that have your app installed.

Manually add a new device

Click New Device to open a pop-up that allows you to manually add a new device. 

Fill in the form and click Done to finish.

Devices can only receive push notifications when the Device Status is Activated, the Notification Status is Enabled and the Notification ID has its value instead of displaying N/A.

Edit or delete a device

To edit or delete a device, click the pencil  or recycle  button to the right of the device in the device list. If you delete a device, the user who uses that device can still use your app but he will not receive push messages from your app anymore.

Create a new device group

Chances are you want to create a device group for testing purposes. In App Dashboard > Devices please switch to the Device Group tab and click New Group.

Enter a name for the new group and add devices to it, then click Create to finish. 

Edit or delete a custom device group

While it's impossible to edit or delete default device groups, you can easily edit or delete custom device groups by clicking the pencil  or recycle  button to the right of the group in the group list. 
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