Why am I not receiving push notifications from app on my device?

Why am I not receiving push notifications from app on my device?


You send push notifications to your app users but they do not receive any at all.


This issue is possibly caused because your users block push notifications from your app. When your app is opened for the first time, it shows a prompt asking your users whether they want to receive push notifications. If they deny the request, the app will not send them push notifications until they change the permission manually. 


If you choose to deny push notifications from an app and later want to change your mind, do the following:
  1. iOS: Go to Settings > Notifications, find the app and turn on Allow Notifications. Further customize push notifications as you would like.
  2. Android: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Recent sent, find the app then enable or customize push notifications as you wish.
If push notifications are allowed but none are received, there could be an issue with your mobile app. Please let us know by submitting a ticket.
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