Which product types does JMango360 support?

Which product types does JMango360 support?

Currently, JMango360 apps support the following product types. Unsupported product types are not imported into the app during integration, thus being hidden in the app. 


  1. Simple product
  2. Configurable product
  3. Grouped product
  4. Bundle product
  5. Gift card (under development)
  6. Unsupported: Virtual and downloadable products


  1. Physical product
  2. Unsupported: Digital product


  1. Simple product
  2. Product with variants


  1. Standard product (incl. simple product and product with combinations)
  2. Pack of products
  3. Unsupported: Virtual product


  1. Simple product
  2. Product with variants
  3. Unsupported: Digital product


  1. Standard product
  2. Variation master
  3. Variation group
  4. Variation product
  5. Product set
  6. Product bundle (under development)

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