How to enable push notifications for order tracking?

How to enable push notifications for order tracking?

It’s easy to increase customer satisfaction with automated order status push notifications from your mobile app. These push notifications are automatically generated and sent to your customers every time there is a change in the tracking status of their orders. Your customers will be kept informed and satisfied.

Precondition & application scope

Push notifications for order tracking apply to React Native Apps and PWAs. Regarding PWAs, only PWAs on Android can receive these push messages because push notifications are not available on iOS. 

Below are the required app/plugin versions for each app type:

App Type
Required App Version
Required Plugin Version
Magento React Native
App 3.9.0
M1 - 4.2.0 | M2 - 1.12.0
Magento PWA
PWA 1.10.0
M1 - 1.3.0 | M2 - 1.7.0
PrestaShop PWA
PWA 1.4.0
BigCommerce React Native
App 3.7.0
BigCommerce PWA
PWA 1.10.0

Shop owners: How can I enable push notifications for order tracking?

Push notifications for order tracking are disabled by default. When you enable the setting in JMango360 Back Office, all order status in your store backend will be imported into JMango360 Back Office and sorted alphabetically. You can select some or all order status for which you want to send push notifications and define the notifications.

Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office and navigate to Settings > Push Notification Settings
Step 2: Turn on the setting Enable order status push messages > YES.
Step 3: Select the order status for which you want to send push messages to your customers. 
Step 4: Define the content of the push message. You are allowed to enter plain text with unlimited characters and use two parameters <ORDER_NUMBER> and <STATUS> to get and display the order number and the order status in the message.
Step 5: Click Save Changes.

Changes in order status in store backend

When you add or remove order status or change the label of the order status in your store backend, the changes will be reflected in JMango360 Back Office in real time. However, in order for the changes to take effect on mobile app, you must click the Save Changes button at the top right corner. Otherwise, app users will receive the previous order status.

Mobile shoppers: How can I receive push notifications for order tracking?

(1) App users can receive push notifications only when they allow push notifications for app/PWA.

If app users block push notifications for a particular app, they will not receive any push notification from that app. Make sure your app users turn on push notifications for your app.

(2) App users must turn on the Push Notification setting in App > My Account > Preferences.

Push notifications for order tracking are made available to logged-in app users only. After the setting is enabled in JMango360 Back Office, a new module titled Preferences will be added to the My Account page on the mobile app. It contains the setting for order status push notifications which is turned on by default. 

To receive order status push notifications, make sure the switch is ON.

Best practices for order status push notifications

It's possible to enable a push message for every order status in your eCommerce backend. However, we recommend enabling the push message only for (the most) customer relevant updates. And, you can customize the message. Below our best practices for which customer updates are considered most relevant.

Please review which order status represent these updates. 
  1. Order successfully received: We successfully received your order <order number>
  2. Order shipped: Good news, your order <order number> is shipped
  3. Order cancelled / issue: There is an issue with your <order number>, please find more information via email

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