Storefront - Account Authentication

Storefront - Account Authentication

Account Authentication Screen

When a user forgets their password, they can use this feature to create a new password and also find information on how to log into different roles.



How: The user can access the Storefront via a URL. 

When guest users click on the login screen or try to access sections that only signed-up users can perform, the login pop-up will be displayed. A login pop-up shows to present the user name and password login fields.

A login pop-up component includes:

  • Email Address field

  • Password field

  • Remember me option

  • Forget Password option

Users need to have an account to login to the Storefront:

  • For B2B Buyer Employee: Admin/ Owner creates their account information will be sent via email. 

  • For Agents: Admin creates the account and account information will then be sent via email. 

  • For B2B Buyer (Owner): There are two ways to create an account for a B2B Buyer. 

  • Admin creates the account first then account information will be sent via email. 

  • Admin can import B2B Buyer's information through BigCommerce backend. After the import is successful, B2B Buyer can log in to B2B Storefront.

Agents - Access Account Menu

How: Login as an Agent, then click on the Account icon in the Header bar. 

The Agent Account menu displays actions: 

  • Log In As A B2B Buyer

  • Continue As An Agent

  • Log out

Log in as a B2B Buyer

How: Click Log In As A B2B Buyer button. The agent must choose a buyer they want to log in as, the list will only display companies that the agent is assigned to. 

After login successfully as a B2B Buyer, a toast message will be displayed for 3 seconds “Login as (B2B Buyer’s name) successfully” . Agents can now place orders on behalf of B2B Buyers as well as view the company information, order history, and company's address book. 

Continue as an agent

How: Click the Continue as an agent button on the Account menu screen. 

After login successfully as an agent, a toast message will be displayed for 3 seconds: 

“Login as Agent successfully”. Users can continue to view the storefront as an Agent and cannot do actions of a B2B Buyer like placing orders or checking order history.

Log Out

The account section has a Logout option for users to select. 

When the users select to log out, redirect the user to the homepage and let them access the store guest user.

Forget Password

When a user is at the login pop-up, they can choose to recover their password by clicking the Forget Password

After users enter a valid email and click the button Reset password, the screen will display, "An email with a link to reset your password has been sent to your email address.”

Users can open the email and click on the link to confirm and reset the password. After entering the new password and clicking Save, the screen will display confirm pop-up “Your password has been updated“. Users can log into the storefront with the newly created password. 

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