StoryBlok - Language Translation

StoryBlok - Language Translation

Language Translation Screen


For setting: Access to Space has been granted permission, navigate Space > Setting > Internationalization

For content translation: Access to Space has been granted permission, navigate Space > Content > Home

The language translation icon can be found on the toolbar at the top of the screen. This is the section where you can change the website's display language. There is no limit to the number of languages that can be displayed on your website with this feature. 

Please contact JMango360 or your IT company to choose the languages you wish to translate for your website.

What features does JMango360 B2B Solution StoryBlok offer?

You can go to this page to configure the languages that can be seen on your website Internationalization | Storyblok

How: Navigate: Your space > Setting > Internationalization

In the Languages Section, select languages users want to translate then click Add. Then click Save to save changes. 

After the setup is finished, you can customize how it appears on the website.

Text components are supported with a translation toggle on the top right side of the field.

By turning on the toggle using the icon button , users can input the translation they want to display per that language. We also have a translation automatically applied for the storefront’s default texts that are not editable elements in the storefront. 

How: Navigate: Your space > Content > Home. 

Users choose the languages to translate in the bar on the top of the screen. 

Then click Save to save changes. 

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