Track orders coming in through mobile

Track orders coming in through mobile

Please go to JMango360 Back Office > App Dashboard > Mobile Order to track all orders coming in through your mobile app.

You can:
  1. View mobile orders created in pre-defined time periods (7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year) or custom time period
  2. Refresh the report. Report will also be refreshed whenever you open the App Dashboard.
  3. Search orders using one or multiple keywords using the algorithm 'OR'
  4. Filter orders based on order status that vary according to the store platform. Just select one or more order status and click Refresh (2). 
  5. Export the report as a *.CSV file under the name 'Order.Report_Date.Time'
  6. View order report in charts. When switching to chart view, you are presented with the following four different bar charts:
    1. Order overview: Display the number of all orders per day
    2. Cumulative total orders: Display the total cumulative number of all orders
    3. Amount overview: Display the revenue of all orders per day
    4. Cumulative total amount: Display the total cumulative revenue of all orders

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