How to update shop content?

How to update shop content?

Update products

You don't need to re-integrate your app if you update existing products or add new products to your website. However, time-varying delay may occur due to data transfer. While updating or adding several products causes zero or just 5-min delay, action involves a large number of products may lead to a delay of hours.

Update categories

Re-integration is required when you want to add or remove product categories. Same as updating products, data transfer takes time and often brings in a delay. Besides, for new categories, you may need to prepare new menu icons and update the app design.

Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office, then go to Settings > Integration Settings > Integrate with your store.
Step 2If your store has more than one store view, make sure the right store view is selected.
Step 3Select/clear the check boxes associated with the (sub)categories you want to add/remove, then click Import/Update App > Done.
Step 4If you add a new (sub)category to your app, you will need to prepare a menu icon for the new menu item. If you do not have one available, please contact for help. 
Step 5: If you want to create a new homepage button or slide for the new category, please update the homepage.
Step 6Click Save Changes and see the update in your live app.

Take note of the following:
  1. Magento 1 apps: You can turn on auto-update for product categories in Settings > Catalog Settings > Auto-update categories. For details, please see Magento category related settings.
  1. Lightspeed apps: If your store has multiple store views and you want to re-integrate different store views, please wait for 20 minutes before re-integrating the next store view.

Update content pages

Chances are you want to update your content pages in app. If the content pages are added to your app during the app integration, you can re-integrate your app to update the content. The steps are the same as those for updating categories.

Otherwise, you can make an update manually in our back office. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office, then go to Design and select the module you want to update.
Step 2Do a copy-paste of the new content or just start typing. Don't forget to make use of the formatting options we provide you.
Step 3Click Save Changes and see the update in your live app.

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