Magento: Why don't updates show up in my app?

Magento: Why don't updates show up in my app?


Changes to your Magento Admin do not show up in your app. Changes included:
  1. Update product information (name, description, price, inventory, etc.)
  2. Create or delete categories and subcategories
  3. Get new features to the website


Just two simple steps to get the latest information of products in particular and the website in general.

Step 1: In Magento Admin, clear cache and re-index data after updating the site. This step ensures that your website shows up with changes.
Step 2: In JMango360 Back Office, re-integrate your app to get the latest updates. 

Did you know?

Updates on product information (name, description, price, etc.) can be reflected on your app using the pull-to-refresh gesture. Just open the main menu and drag the screen downward and then release it. It is a signal to the app to refresh the contents. In this case, the pull-to-refresh gesture helps update the product information.
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