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            Application Themes

            JMango360 gives you the possibility to customize the look and feel of your App. 

            Please login to the JMango360 platform, open your app, go to Design tab then lick on the 'Theme Settings' section to apply/adjust the color theme in your mobile app.

            Step 1Select Color Theme 

            You can choose a 'Color Theme' for your App from a list of existing templates, the selected color theme will be applied in a matter of a click to the Tittle bar, Bottom bar and Action button. You can customize these colors to your desired one (refer to the Did you know section in the bottom of this article to learn how to do it).

            All the updates can be viewed real-time in the 'Preview App Design Panel' on the right of the screen.

            Step 2: How to display the title bar

            • Select the corresponding option if you want the title bar to be solid, semi- transparent or transparent in app.

            Step 3: How to display Title bar when scrolling down.
            • Select the corresponding option if you want the title bar remains solid or become semi-transparent or transparent when scrolling down the screen in app.

            Step 4: Click on 'Save Changes' to save all the changes. 

            The theme will display perfectly in mobile app as you designed. Enjoy!

            Did you know?

            Updating colors from an existing theme is the same in Title bar, Bottom bar and Action button

            Just select your desired color for Background color and Text color, then choose one of the following options to finish:
            • Option 1: Save these settings as a new theme by clicking on the Save as button, then click on the Save changes button after all.
            • Option 2: Overwrite the selected theme by clicking straightly on the Save changes button.

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