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            Best Practices to create a JMango360 app

            This document provides you information about the best way to create your JMango360 app.
             It only takes you three steps to have your own app.


            Go to and create an account. Once your signup is complete, you can log into the JMango360 platform, where you can start to create your first app. Getting started is completely free, allowing you to play around and build apps without incurring any costs.

            First step is to add features to your app. Your app needs to be valuable to the user and in addition it needs to have a call to action so that your customers have a reason to download and use your app. There are several features that you can choose from:

            Always add a home screen to welcome your app users and give them a first impression of your business. Make sure that your users can easily navigate from the home screen to other features in your app, by adding buttons on your home screen. The buttons can link to any other feature within your app, so choose a feature which will helps your business the most. If you sell products, link a button to your the different categories that are available.  Add a slideshow to your home-screen which functions as a look-book to show your users your newest collection or an impression of a previous event for example. 


            With a Magento and/or LightSpeed app all the data of catalogs and products are integrated and product catalogs are automatically created. In addition you can show your products and services through customizable catalogs. If you have an E-Commerce store and you would like to sell products within your app, add a product catalog. However, you don’t have to sell products online to show your core business. Think of creative ways to use the product catalog for example if you have a restaurant, use the product catalog feature to display your dishes like a menu. Create categories for the courses. For example 1. Starters 2. Main Course 3. Desserts

            With this feature you can create a lookbook of the products that you sell within the webshop. Its a collection of product images which is visually appealing way to inspire your customer to buy the look.

            Make it easy for customers to learn more about your company and let them stay in touch with you via the info page feature. In this feature, you can add the about us, FAQ, term & condition etc. Moreover, you can use this feature to create extra pages in your app. Add your content in the text editor or copy and paste some text for example from your own website.
            5. Locations

            If you have a physical store, always add the store locator to your app. With this function you will help your customers to navigate to your store with Google Maps. Your phone number and opening hours can also be added. Your users will be provided with all useful information via one click. 

            Boost engagement with your customers and let them send feedback about anything they want. With the customer inquiry feature, you are able to let your users fill in a form which will be sent directly to your selected email

            7. Link to Web page

            You can redirect to a web page right from the App menu, which means you can add product categories, sub categories, Youtube videos or anything else that has a URL and that you want to show in the App. All you need to do is to enter the URL (the web page you want to show in the App) in the section  ‘URL’ then click Save

            8. Click-To-Action

            Let customers instantly contact your business with the feature Click-to-Action. This button allows users to perform one-click operations directly from the App without having to leave. You are able to choose between call, email, sms or web. If your target is to get reservations for your restaurant, you can use call as the click-to-action button. The name of any feature can be changed, so for the restaurant you can change it into: ‘Make a reservation’ and link the button to the click to call action feature. This allows your customer to call you via one simple click.



            Use your own style to make your App recognizable. Consistency is a key element in designing your App. The design of your App needs to be similar to your website and physical elements of your brand, which means you have to create an App with the same look and feel. Using your own (page) icons is one way to make your App unique. Another way is the color theme of your App. There are existing color themes available via the platform, however we suggest to customize your App by changing the colors. Play around with the designing options, until you are satisfied with the result. Make sure your design enhances your App and not diminishes it. Your App is not valuable if you have made your text and icons unreadable. Choose colors that contrast well together and complement each other. 


            Test your App with the JMango360 Preview App to ensure it looks the way you want. With the preview App you can test the features you have built on your own device. It is very important to preview your App before you publish it. Download the JMango360 Preview App for Android or iOS. Launch the Preview App to login with your account and test the App you built. 

            You have finished your first App! Are you ready to publish your App to the App stores? Make sure the information is correct the first time round as changes to your App info usually requires an App store update that often comes with costs. With JMango360 you can edit your app content, layout, menu and page icons endlessly without having to resubmit your app to the App stores. However, if you change the title, the icon or the splash image, your app needs an app store update.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:43 PM
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