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            Creating a Google Developer Account

            1. Go to Google and search for ‘create a Google Developer account’. Click on enter.

            2. Log in with your Google account. If you have no Google account you can make one, by clicking on ‘Create account’. 


            3. Accept the term & condition by clicking on ‘I agree’.

            4. Your Gmail account is created, click on ‘Play Console’.


            5. Click on ‘I agree’ and afterwards on ‘Continue to payment’.

            6. For making the Google Developer account a one time fee of $25 will be charged. Therefore a Credit Card is needed. Fill in your Credit Card information and click on ‘Pay’. 

            7. Click on 'Continue registration'.

            8. Fill in the Google Developer profile. Pay attention! Developer name is the name that will be placed underneath the App. Click on 'Complete registration'.


            9. Invite JMango360 as a user of the Google Developer account, by clicking on ‘Settings’.

             10. Click on ‘User accounts & rights’ and afterwards click on ‘Invite new user’.


            11. Fill in the following information:

            - Email:

            - Access expiry date: never

            - Role: Release manager  

            - Then click on ‘Send invitation’.


            After completion, the Google Developer account is ready for use. 

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 08:21 PM
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