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            Customer Management

            As a partner, all of your customers are under your control in JMango360 Back Office. This function allows you to manage your customer account. You can create new, edit and deactivate one of your customer’s accounts. 
            Please follow the steps below to know how to perform them. 

            Step 1: Login to 
            Step 2: Next step is click on Customer on the left, you then select Customer.  Afterwards Customer accounts will be displayed.

            1. Customer listing 
            Filtering options above the customer list, allow you to search for specific customer accounts by: 'Customer', 'Status' and 'Date' with exact match result(s).

            2. Add New Customer 
            The main purpose is to quickly create a new customer account, which can be used to login to JMango360, after activating the same way as a registered account. From here, you can build and manage your mobile Apps at whenever you want. 
            • Click on the button'Add New Customer'to create a new customer.

            • The Customer info form will be displayed, fill in the required fields, then click on'OK'
            Note: All the asterisk (*) fields are required, you have to fill in them. The field Username must be an email address.

            There are three available statuses while you create your new customer account. After creating a customer account successfully, their status will be applied the same with the selected one as below:

              • Pending Activate: This account needs to be activated before use.

              • Activated: Customer can use the account right after creating the account successfully.

            With activated an account, the partner account can login their customers account with full permissions by clicking on the'Customer icon', it will redirect you to that specific customer account in a new tab.

              • Locked: Account is deactivated and you cannot login with that account until it is activated again. 

            3. Edit a customer
            Click on the 'pencil icon' to view customer details and edit the customer information. 

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:42 PM
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