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            How to design my app?

            After creating your App successfully, your next step in building your App is to design and customize your App with the available features you like.

            Step 1: Login and select your App

            After logging into JMango360, you can see your App(s). Select your App by clicking on the App name or App icon.

            You are now in the 'Design' tab, here you can design your app:

            Step 2: Select Features from the Feature Library

            App Menu Layout: You can select how your menu items display on mobile app as ‘Grid’ or ‘List’ view by selecting one of the two options. 

            To add features to your app, click on the button ‘+ Add Feature’

            A new window called 'Add Feature' will show up, where you can choose to add different features to your app.

            All features are described below:
            • Add a Home Screen to your App to helps to give your users an idea of what you are selling and help them navigate to important categories within the App. For an explanation about creating a Home Screen, click here.     
            • Add a Product Catalog to your App to give your users the ability to browse your products. For an explanation about creating a Product Catalog, click here.
            • Add an Info Page to your App to provide your users with information, such as ‘about us’, FAQ’s, terms and conditions and other relevant details about your company. For an explanation about creating an Info Page, click here.
            • Add Locations to your App to display your physical store(s) and relevant information about the store(s), such as address(es), opening hours and phone number(s) and let your users easily locate the nearest store from location based service and a map. For an explanation about Store Locations, click here.
            • Add a Customer Enquiry to your App to let your users provide their feedback. For an explanation about Customer Enquiry, click here.
            • Add a Link to Web Pages to your App to redirect your users to your website with one click. For an explanation about a Link to Web Pages action, click here.
            • Add a Click-To-Action to your app to allow your users to call, email or sms with one click. For an explanation about Click-To-Call Action, click here.
            • Add a Product Scanner to your app to allow your users to use their smartphones as a product barcode scanner. For an explanation about Product Scanner, click here for Magento and for Lightspeed app.

            You can change the order of the features in your app menu by hovering the mouse to Move icon, dragging it to where you want to be.

            The title of the features will be shown on the app to your customers and you can change the name of the feature by clicking on the menu. 


            You can change the icons of the features as well, by clicking on the icon to upload a new one. 
            Finally, click on the "Save Changes"button on the top right

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:24 PM
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