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            Display delivery information on product details page

            You can turn on a setting in JMango360 Back Office to display delivery information on the product details page. Follow the steps below:

            Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office, then open your BigCommerce app in the My Apps menu.
            Step 2: From the navigation bar, click Settings > Catalog Settings.
            Step 3: Under Product detail related settings, select the check box for Delivery Information.

            Step 4: Immediately after that, two text boxes are displayed allowing you to define the in-stock and out-of-stock messages. Define the messages. If you leave these text boxes blank, no delivery information will be shown.

            Below are the rules to display the messages:
            1. In-stock message: Display this message when the product is in stock.
            2. Out-of-stock message: Display this message when the product is out of stock and/or your store allows backorders.
            Step 5: Click Save Changes at the top right of the screen to confirm the change. Below is how the delivery information looks on your app.

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            Updated: 08 Jul 2019 06:29 PM
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