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            Display legal notification on your PWA

            As an online merchant, you might want to consider adding some notices and disclaimers on your PWA. Follow the steps below to display a legal notification on your PWA. The legal notification will show up after the splash screen and before the first screen.

            Step 1: Log in to JMango360 Back Office and open your PWA.
            Step 2: Click Settings > General Settings
            Step 3: Select the checkbox under Legal Notification setting (default status = unchecked).

            Step 4: By selecting the checkbox, there display more options to set up the legal notification.

            1. Grace period: Set a time interval (in minutes, hours, days, or weeks) to repeat showing the legal notification. Logged in customers will not be asked again until they log out. 
            2. Banner image: Optionally add an https banner image to this screen.
            3. HTML text: Specify the legal terms and conditions to which your PWA customers should agree.
            4. Agreement settings: Choose either of the following:
            1. Checkbox & Continue button: Your customers must select the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions, then they can click Continue to use the PWA. You can customize the checkbox and Continue button label as you wish as you wish.

            1. Cancel & Continue button: Your customers can click Continue as an agreement to the terms and conditions and start using the PWA. Otherwise, they can click Cancel to decline. You can redirect them to a URL with the Cancel button. You can customize the Cancel and Continue button label.

            Step 5: Click Save Changes at the top right of the screen to confirm the change.

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            Updated: 17 Jun 2019 08:44 PM
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