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            How to link specific pages of your webshop to the JMango360 App

            This section allows you to link the webshop to the mobile App and then your mobile app users can access to the webpage from the mobile app.

            It can be homepage of the webshop, a product categories or Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp...

            Please follow steps below to get this feature available in your app:

            Step 1: After successfully logging into JMango360, open your app and go to the 'Design' tab.

            Step 2: Click on the button '+ Add Feature'.

            A popup will be displayed which is the 'Feature Library'. Please select 'Link to web pages' from the feature library.

            Step 3: Enter the URL (the web page you want to show in the app) in the field "Enter a URL of anything that you want to show in the app".

            You can open the specific webpage on the external web browser in your device instead of open it in app browser by tick on the tick-box "Open in external web browser"  (This feature works with mobile version 2.46.0 or higher)

            Finally, don't forget to click on 'Save changes'.

            Your mobile webshop is now successfully set.

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