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            How to create a customer account within a partner account?

            If you join the JMango360 Partner program. Besides the features for a customer account, JMango360 provides more features and tools designed for partners only. Therefore, you need to make sure to have a partner account, follow the steps below to get started with your own customer account:

            Step 1: You need to login to JMango360 and select Customer from the side menu. An overview of your customers will be shown.

            Step 2: To create a customer account, please click on the button Add New Customer.

            Step 3: Fill in the form with the relevant details of your customer and then select one of the Status options from below:
            • Pending Activate: Select this option if you want your customer to activate the account themselves. An email is automatically sent out to your customer’s email with the link to activate the account.
            • Activated: Select this option if the account is ready for your customer.
            • Locked: If this option is selected, the customer account will be locked and your customer can no longer login to JMango360 using this account.

            Finally, click on OK to complete your customer account creation.
            Your customer account is successfully created.

            How to login as a customer with the partner account?
            From the customer list, select the desired customer then click on the Login icon to login as the desired customer under your partner account. Afterwards you are logged in as the desired customer on their account.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:25 PM
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