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            How to create a Lookbook?

            Product Lookbook, a collection of photographs complied to promote your products, now are supported in the JMango360 mobile app.
            NOTE: Product Lookbook required:
            • Mobile version: 2.13.0 or later
            • JMango360 REST Plugin version: 3.0.0 or later for Magento
            • JMango360 Mobile App Module version 1.14.0 or later for Prestashop
            How to create a lookbook?

            Step 1: After successfully logging in JMango360, open your app and in Design tab, click on button + Add Feature, a popup Feature Library will be displayed.

            From Feature Library popup, please select Product Look book, here you can create as many product look books as you'd like to.

            Step 2: please setup your very first lookbook by:
            • Check (or uncheck) on the checkbox to hide/show this feature on the mobile's side menu. By default, it is checked.
            • Check (or uncheck) on the checkbox to show/hide the Shopping cart icon. It is checked by default.

            Step 3: You can create multiple pages in your Lookbook. By default, the creation of first page will be displayed, please click on the plus button at the top of the page to create the new one.
            Each page, also known as a collection of products, has a cover photo and a bunch of related products.
            Please upload the Page's cover photo by clicking on the Edit icon at the top right corner of the photo frame, the Image Gallery will open for you to select an image.
            Recommendation for the image dimensions: maximum width: 167px, maximum height: 270px. 

            Step 4: Add related products to the page
            Click on "Add related products to this page" button to open the Search Products dialog, a popup will be shown, hereby please select one of the available root categories (which have been integrated in the app).

            You can search for your expected products by entering the keywords then searching for relevant products. In case no keyword is entered, the first 25 found products in the selected category will be shown.
            Next, tick on the products you prefer to add on your lookbook. You can select multiple products to add to the page at the same time.

            Click Done when you finish adding product.
            Now your Lookbook with its page included has already created.

            How to edit/delete a page?
            1. You can delete the page by clicking on the TRASH icon.
            2. You can remove the related product in each page by clicking on the TRASH icon.
            3. You can move the page up/down by clicking on the UP/DOWN arrow icon.

            Did you know?

            From mobile version 2.48.3 and later, we provide an option that allows you to update the label of the 'Shop the look' button as well as the label displayed on the title bar in each page of Product look book.

            Take a look at steps as below:

            Step 1. Login to the JMango360 platform.

            Step 2. Open your app then go to the Design page.

            Step 3. At the Product Lookbook feature, select the desired page then:

            • Update the Shop Button label and preview how it applies to your app.

            • Update the Look Book Details Title Bar and preview how it applies to your app.

            • You can also reset the label by clicking on Reset button

            Step 4. Don't forget to click SAVE when you're finished. If you leave the text box emptied then hit SAVE, 'SHOP THE LOOK' texts will be displayed by default.

            Step 5. Send us an app update request to get these updates affected on your app.


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