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            How to become a partner?

            Creating an account is the start of beginning to use JMango360 and take advantage of the benefits of building an app with JMango360. Currently JMango360 provides 2 types of accounts: Customer and Partner
              • Create a customer account if you are a small or medium business firm. JMango360 provides tools that allow you to build and manage your own applications easily. 
              • Become a partner if you want to join the JMango360 Partner program. Besides the benefits that the program brings to you, JMango360 also provides more features and tools designed for partners only.

            To become a Partner

            Step 1: Visit JMango360, then select Become a Partner from the navigation menu. 

            Step 2: Please read the page to get more details about the Partner program then fill in the form at the bottom of the page and click on More Info.

            Your signup is now complete! We will then contact you as soon as possible.

            Updated: 3 days ago
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