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            Create a Magento app

            About Magento Application

            Magento Application is an application built on JMango360 but it is integrated with an existing Magento webshop via JMango360 REST Plugin. It means all the data of catalogs, products, orders, customers, invoices and shipments etc. are stored in the Magento system of the enterprise.

            Creating an Application

            To create an application, please follow the steps below:

            Step 1:
            Log into JMango360.

            Step 2: Click on the button '+ New App' to start building your application.

            Step 3: The 'Create New Application' pop-up will be displayed. Clicking on Start button of Magento section.
            Click on the 'X' button to discard.

            A confirmation pop up is displayed, clicking on Start to create Magento app via quick start guide.
            Clicking on Skip Wizard to manually create your app by adding the Magento Integration Settings.

            Your first app is now created!

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:31 PM
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