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            How to create an app right inside your Prestashop Backend?

            You may already know how to create a Prestashop integrated mobile app through the JMango360 platform. We are now pleased to introduce a new feature that allows you to create a mobile app right inside your Prestashop backend.

            Please find details in the steps below, some terms/screenshots using in this article are captured from the Prestashop version 1.6.x, it might slightly differ in the Prestashop version 1.7.x.

            A. Installing the JMango360 Extended APIs in the Prestashop Backend
            Step 1: Login to your Prestashop Backend
            Step 2: Click on Modules and Services on the side menu.
            Step 3: You can easily find JMango360 Extended APIs right in the Selection tab

            Step 4: Install JMango360 Extended APIs by clicking on the Install button.

            B. Configuring the JMango360 Extended APIs
            After the installation, please select to configure the JMango360 Extended APIs, a welcome page will appear asking you to provide:
            1. Your webshop backend URL.
            2. Store ID
            3. Store language: please select your desired one if you have more than one language on your website.
            4. You, then, click on the Create my app button. There will be 4 steps for you to go through in order to create an app.

            C. Creating a mobile app
            Step 1: Create your JMango360 account
            The account information will be automatically displayed, please check and update your info if it's necessary then click Next.

            In case you already have the JMango360 account, please click on Already have account? Login here and follow steps to login to the JMango360 platform.

            Step 2: Provide your Business info as below
            1. Select your market segment
            2. Percentage of mobile traffic
            3. Annual revenue range

            Step 3: Integration between the website and app will be followed by importing webshop configurations, catalogs, products and CMS pages. Click Next once it's done.

            Step 4: Preview app.
            Please click on Go to my app in order to preview and experience your app with JMango360.

            At this last step, you can choose one of two options as below:
            • Option 1: Click on Open my app button to login to the JMango360 platform. You will find your app there, it's ready for you to design and test before publishing to the stores.
            • Option 2: Click on Order Setup package to request us to do all the heavy lifting for you.
            Enjoy your experience with the JMango360 app!

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            Updated: 29 Aug 2018 03:09 AM
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