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            How to create an Info Page

            By adding an 'Info Page' it is possible to: Add information about your company (About Us), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), terms and conditions or help information. It is also possible to make a list of call to action button that can be specified for email, phone call, visit social network sites including Facebook and Twitter or go to a website. Please read below how to create an 'Information Page':

            After successfully logging into JMango360, you open your app go to 'Design'.

            Click on button '+ Add Feature', a popup will be displayed 'Feature Library'.

            Select 'Info page'.


            • Click on the square on the left side of the text boxes to upload an image. You can select an existing image or upload one of your own (for example your company logo). The recommend image size is: 125 x 800 pixels. For an explanation about uploading images, click here.
            • Enter your company information in the text boxes. If you enter your company details over there, a list of clickable call to actions will be available for your users. If you leave all fields empty, nothing will be displayed in your app. 

            In the text editor, you can enter more information about your company.

            Click on 'Save'.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:24 PM
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