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            How to create Prestashop Integrated app via Quick start guide

             Prestashop Integrated app can be created using our Quick Start Guide. This article guides you on How to create the app through a Quick Start Guide. 


            • From 20 Jul 2017,  it's compulsory to install Plugin 1.1.0 up to create the Prestashop app and can only create Prestashop app via Quick Start Guide. 
            • Currently, JMango360 Plugin is not available in the Marketplace. So you can only download Plugin Module from Jmango360 (Step 6)
            • It requires to have PrestaShop's webservice enabled on your website (scrolling down to the bottom if you want to know how to enable it)

            Please follow the steps below:

            Step 1: Login JMango360 Back Office, click on App >> My Apps on the left menu.

            Step 2: Click on New App button:


            Step 3: Choose App type Prestashop and click Start


            Step 4: The Quick Start Guide screen is open, click Next button to go ahead:



            Step 5: Enter exactly your website address into Shop URL field.

            Step 6 Download PrestaShop Module: you can choose download from Marketplace or from Jmango360. Then click Next


            Step 7 Install PrestaShop Module: After downloaded our PrestaShop module, Select your PrestaShop version then follow the steps to install our Module into your backend. Click Verify Connection to make sure that Module has been installed. Then click Next


            Step 8: Web Service Access Key: Please follow instruction to get the Web Access Key. Click Verify button to make sure we have full access to your API.


            Step 9: Configuration : Select your Store and select language for your store. Then click next    


            Step 10 Import Data: the data will be auto imported at step 10. Wait for percentage reach 100%, you can press Next


             Step 11 Prepare App: Congratulation, you app is ready. You can start design your app after click Done



            More details:

            Did you know?

            How to get the Web Service Access Key from Prestashop Backend?

            • After successfully logging into Prestashop Backendopen the "Webservice" page under the "Advanced Parameters"
            • You can select an active key there 

            In case there is no Key available, you can create it by yourself by clicking on the plus icon on Webservice page. A long form appears:


            • Key: Click the "Generate" button to generate an authentication key.
            • Key description: The description is not public, put the keywords pertaining to its use.
            • Status: You can disable any key at any time. But for your mobile apps to work, your key must be active.
            • Permissions: Please give write and read access for all resources for this key.

            How to enable the Prestashop's webservice?
            Please login to your website backend then navigate to Advanced Parameters >> Webservice
            Scrolling down to the Configuration section, you will find the settings there. Don't forget to Save the change.

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