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            How to install the JMango360 Mobile App Module on a Prestashop website?

            This guideline is intended for Prestashop For newer Prestashop versions, the name/title/lable may be slightly different.

            Step 1: Please download JMango360 Mobile App Module package by clicking on this link
            Step 2: Login to your Prestashop Backend
            Step 3: Click on Modules and Services on the side menu.

            Step 4: Click on Add a new Module button at the top right of the screen to install the JMango360 Mobile App Module from the package.

            Step 5: Browse the Module package file and upload it.

            The JMango360 Mobile App Module will be displayed on the list of the modules as below

            Please click on the Install button, then this module will be installed immediately.

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            Updated: 10 Aug 2017 04:01 AM
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