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            How to integrate the app with Braintree payment method?

            To start processing transactions with Braintree you must first have an account setup. Once you have done with Braintree account setup, you must collect the following information to insert into the Payment Method settings:

            1.   Merchant ID

            2.   Merchant Account ID

            3.   Public Key

            4.   Private Key


            To find these information, login to your Braintree account and follow up below steps:

            Step 1: Click Account >> My User. Next, scroll down until you see an “API Keys” link. From this screen you will be able to get the Merchant ID, Public and Private Keys:


            Copy this information to a safe place.

            Step 2: Get your Merchant Account ID.

            To obtain your Merchant Account ID click on Settings >> Processing and scroll to the bottom of the page: 


            You will see your Merchant Account ID here. Copy this information to a safe place.


            Step 3:

            Paste all information from the safe place to JAM.


            Click on the button : Test connection. If it returns the successful message. Click on Save to save all the changes and start testing with your test product. 

            If it returns unsuccessful message, please double check all information what you get from Braintree account.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:27 PM
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