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            How to Integrate your Paypal Checkout?

            In order to checkout your shopping cart on your mobile app using Paypal in live mode, the prerequisite is to upgrade your PayPal account to Premier or Business account. Please follow steps to complete your live-mode Paypal integration to your mobile app.

            Note: The Paypal integration steps below of Sandbox mode are the same as those of Premier and Bussiness account in live mode.

            Step 1: Login to Paypal Developer via this link and then go to Dashboard >> My Apps & Credentials.


            Step 2: Select your app. If you have no available app or you'd like to create new app, please click on Create App button to create your Paypal app(s).

            Then, enter your app name in field App Name and click on Create App button. 


            There you can get Paypal account, Client ID and secret in tab LIVE API CREDENTIALS.


            Finally, click on Save.

            Step 3: Paypal Setting on JMango360 App Management (JAM).

            Please login JAM and open your app. You need to set up features to be integrated to your Paypal setting as follows:

            • Copy Paypal account and paste to field API Email Address in JAM Paypal setting.

            • Copy Client ID and paste to field API Client Id in JAM Paypal setting.

            • Copy Secret and paste to field API Secret in JAM Paypal setting.

            In order to get API Username, API Password and API Signature, back to Paypal page, you open Account. From here, you can create your new account or click on the available desired account to view its profile.

            Profile popup will be displayed, please open tab API Credentials

            • Copy Username and paste to field API Username/User ID in JAM Paypal setting.

            • Copy Password and paste to field API Password in JAM Paypal setting.

            • Copy Signature and paste to field API Signature in JAM Paypal setting.
            Click on Save and your Paypal integration is successfully set up and you can checkout with Paypal on your mobile app now.

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:27 PM
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