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            How to manage push notifications in your app?

            The JMango360 App allows you to store and manage all the push notifications sent to your App. This could be messages about: special offers, discounts or promotion details.

            ** Install this function on your App, JMango360 REST Plugin 2.7.0 or later must be installed and and the App version needs to be 2.8.0 or higher. **

            After successfully sending a push message to your App, the user will receive a notification and below is described how the mobile App manages push notifications.

            Step 1: Open your App on your device, click on the 'Hamburger menu' icon in the top left to go to the side menu

            Step 2: You then click on the message icon  to view all your push messages.

            Unread push messages are displayed in bold and vice versa.

            Click on the message to view the message in more detail.

            Did you know?

            There are two cases in which the JMango360 App, handles incoming push notifications:

            1. When receiving a push notification on your device and clicking on it, the App will open and will take you to the push notification list (image above).
            2. Clicking on push message when your app is opened, a pop-up will be displayed (see image below).

              • Selecting 'OK' will take you to the push notification list.
              • Selecting 'Cancel' will keep you at the current page, the push message will be stored in push notifications as an unread message. Whenever you would like to view it, please follow the steps above.

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