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            How to manage your mobile orders in Lightspeed app?

            This function is meant for a Lightspeed App only, it allows you to view and trace your customer's mobile purchases.
            Step 1. Log into JMango360, afterwards a list of your App(s) appears.
            Step 2. From the list of your App(s), hover on the expected app and click on the 'Analytics' or 'Push message button'.

            Step 3. Please go to the Mobile Orders tab, a list of paid orders will be displayed.

            Step 4. Refine your order list by using the 'Date range filter'.

            Or searching by keyword.

            Step 5. Get your paid order report in bar chart form by clicking on 'Chart'.

            "Order Overview" displays number of orders per day

            "Cumulative Total Orders" displays total cumulated number of orders

            "Amount Overview": Revenue of purchased items which has been paid completely per day

            "Cumulative Total Amount" displays total cumulated revenues

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:40 PM
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