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            How to preview Lookbook?

            It is easy to view the Lookbook in the App.

            Click on the side menu and afterwards click on the expected 'Lookbook'.

            The 'Lookbook' will be displayed with the pages included:

            Click on the page you prefer to view, the image will be displayed in full size.

            How to interact within the Lookbook pages
            • To go back to the 'Lookbook' list page: click on the 'BACK' arrow at the left corner screen.
            • Move to another 'Lookbook' page: swipe left/right to jump to 'next/previous' look
            • To view the 'Lookbook' details: click on the button 'Shop the look' in the bottom screen. Here you can view the product details, write your review, share products, add to wishlist or add product to cart and so on. 
            Enjoy your shopping!

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:27 PM
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