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            How to preview my app?

            There are two ways to preview your App, this is useful when adjusting the design or products in the App. It allows you to review if the changes are implemented correctly.

            1. Preview App via Mobile Panel while Building App
            It is useful while building your App to check if it is working properly in the 'Preview App Design'. You can interact with the App Preview by clicking with your mouse on the buttons. It is possible to use the 'Preview app Design' in the panels 'Design' and 'Themes'.

            Remember to regularly click on 'Save' if you changed something.

            2. Preview the App on a mobile device

            It is possible to view and test your mobile App on your mobile device in real time while you are building it. 
            Download the free JMango360 Preview App from your device’s App store via the links below:
            Log into the JMango360 Preview App.
            Once it's done, launch the JMango360 Preview App and login:
            • With your own account.
            • With your Google Plus account.
            • With your Facebook account.

            After login, the system will display a list of Apps which you have created on the JMango360 platform. 
            Select the App that you would like to preview and the App will launch.

            Once you enter your App, a message pops up: shake your phone to return to the App list.

            To get back to the App list, shake your phone and tap on 'Yes'

            Please preview your App through the features listed below:

            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:27 PM
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