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            How to re-publish my app?

            In case you would like to update your App information in both the Google Play store and/or the Apple store as well as new features on mobile app, the only thing you need to do is send us your re-publish request.

            When do you need to republish your app?

            Please see below the different types of updates: 
            • Transfer the app from current store accounts to another ones.
            • Update feature graphic in Google Play store with the new one.
            • Update new icon of the app.
            • Replace with new app Name.
            • Change the app description in stores.
            • Update the Screenshots of the app in stores.
            • Update more language in app stores
            • Describe your app with new category.
            • Optimize and help app users to find your app with new Keyword.
            • Provide app users with new Support URL.
            • Change App Review contact information such as: First Name, Last Name, Email Address or Phone Number.
            • Update with new website address in Google Play store.
            • Upload with new Splash screen for stores.
            • Gain new features/improvements on mobile app.
            • If have any change in ownership.
            How to re-publish your app?
            Please follow steps below to complete your re-publish request:

            Step 1: Login JMango360, open your app from the list of applications. Right after you go to App stores Info tab, there is a message informing you to update app info before re-publishing.

            Clicking on OK to update all the app information that you would like to change in the App stores. 

            Step 2: Then click on next process “Publish” in navigation bar but remember to Save all changes by selecting OK.

            There are two options allowing you to publish your app to the expected store(s): Apple store or Google Play store.
            • Selecting "Yes, I do” for the expected stores in order that you can publish app to that/those store(s).
            • Selecting “No, thanks”, it means you don’t expect to publish your app to that store.

            If all the required information of the expected stores is completely filled in, please click on Next. After that you are taken to Publish Request Overview.

            Step 3: Please click on button + New request, there is a confirmation popup allowing to select one of the republish options:
            • Schedule Free Update: This re-publish request will be free of charge. Then JMango360 will put it into the latest schedule to re-publish the app after getting this publish request, normally every three months in January, April, July, October. 
            • Update Immediately: This re-publish request will cost you a fee for one-time update. Then JMango360 will prepare to republish the app right after getting this publish request without waiting for schedule.

            Please see below the next steps to send publish request for each option:

            Schedule Free Update
            After selecting Schedule Free Update, you are directly taken to Summary step. 

            Click on Submit button on the right and your republish request is successfully delivered.

            Update Immediately
            In order to re-publish your app immediately, you will need to update the steps below:

            Step 1: Billing account information 
            Please update with the fields marked with an asterisk (*) to re-publish your app or keep the same content.

            Click on ‘Next’.  

            Step 2: Terms and Conditions
            Read and check the box to agree with the terms and conditions. You have to agree with the terms and conditions to proceed. 

            Click on ‘Next’.

            Step 3: Summary
            This is a summary for your republish so, please add Promotion code if you received one from JMango360. 

            Click on ‘Next’.  

            Step 4: Confirmation
            Before you submit your app, make sure that all the (marketing) information update you entered in the app is correct.  

            To submit your app, click on the button 'Pay Now'. If you are not ready to publish your app yet, you can exit the publishing stage at any time and the information provided is saved automatically!  

            Step 5: The next screen will show you Adyen Payment Service Provider. Please select the payment method, fill out your information and then click Pay to complete the payment. 

            Note: You only need to provide your credit card information for the first time paying for the first application publishing. From the second time, the system will re-use previous stored credit card detail and skip this step.  

            Congrats, you have now re-published your app! You will receive an e-mail with an update once your app is live. 

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