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            How to set up Google Analytics for a Lightspeed and Magento App?

            Note: the Google Analytics feature is only available for Magento and Lightspeed Apps.

            How to get a Google Analytics Tracking ID?

            Please follow the steps below to get the tracking ID on your mobile App. With Google Analytics connected to your App, you get more insights into the behaviour of your customers: 

            Step 1: Sign in to your Google Analytics account.

            Step 2: Click on the 'Admin tab'. In the first column Account, click on 'Create new account':

            Step 3
            : In 'What would you like to track?', select the option: 'Mobile app', then enter the desired Account Name and App Name, then click on the button 'Get Tracking ID'.

            Step 4: Accept the 'Google Analytics Terms of Service'.

            Step 5
            : You are redirected to the tracking code page, copy the 'Tracking ID' code.

            Step 6
            : Follow the steps below to set up Google Analytics for your mobile App.

            • Login to JMango360.
            • Open the expected App to track via Google Analytics.
            • Choose the 'Settings' process, then click on the 'Google Analytics Settings' tab, paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the text box and 'Save' the settings.

            Step 7: From the Admin page, select 'Ecommerce Settings' in the 'VIEW column'.

            Step 8: In Ecommerce set-up page, enable Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce Settings by turning their status 'ON' and then click on 'Submit'.

            Your Google Analytics setup is completed!

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 07:43 PM
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