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            How to show the lowest price on Product List with a Lightspeed app?

            In case you want to show the lowest price for your  products with quantity discount value on your Lightspeed app, we support to configure this function on JMango360 Back Office.

            Please follow the steps below to set up this function for your mobile app: 

            Step 1: Log into your account on JMango360 Back Office

            Step 2: Go to My App, then Open your app and navigate Ecommerce Feature Settings.

            Step 3: Scroll down to "Display quantity discount in Product List"
                        Click on the checkbox "Display AS LOW AS price" to show the lowest price for the products on your product list. 

            Step 4: Click on Save Changes to make the update applied on your app. Enjoy!

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 08:13 PM
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