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            JMango360 Plugin Installation from Marketplace for Magento version 2.x


            ** Although the JMango360 plugin has no impact on your Magento database, we always recommend a back-up before installing the plugin**  

            Note: Payment methods compatible with the JMango360 REST Plugin:  

            1. All gateway methods.
            2. Hosted methods which meets the requirements below:  
            a) hosted methods should redirect from Place Order page.
            b) if succeed, they should return to checkout/onepage/success page.
            c) if fail, they should return to checkout/cart page.
                 3.  PRODUCT TYPES - virtual and downloadable products are not supported.   


            Please follow the steps below to how to install JMango360 Plugin for Magento version 2x:

            • Please click to view the JMango360 Mobile App Builder M2 in detail, then select the expected Edition that is compatible with your Magento website version. After that, click on Add to Cart button and follow checkout steps of Magento Marketplace to get the Plugin free of charge.

            • After checkout the JMango360 Plugin successfully, please click on the Install button on the thank you page to get the Installation Key. Also, an email from Magento Marketplace is sent out to your email with the Installation Key.  

            • The My Access Keys page is displayed, please copy the Installation Key including Public Key and Private Key which can be used in next step below.

            • Log into the Magento backend, then on the left menu, navigate to System>>Web Setup Wizard, hereby please click on Component/Extension Manager.

            • The Component/Extension Manager page is displayed, please click on sign in with your Marketplace account.

            • Magento Marketplace screen will be shown up, please enter the Public Access Key and Private Access Key above herein.

            • Then the Component/Extension Manager page is displayed, please click on Install button.

            • A list of the extensions is displayed, please clicking on Install of the extension jmango360/japi to install the JMango360 Mobile App Plugin. 

            • The New Purchases page is displayed, there are 3 steps to complete the installation:
              • Step 1: Readiness Check: clicking on button Start Readiness Check.

              • Once the Start Readiness Check step is done, please click on Next button to move to next step.

            • Step 2: Create Backup, there are 3 backup options, they are optional but recommended.

            •  If selecting the backup option(s), please click on Create Backup button. After the backup process is done, please click on Next button to move to the last step.
            • If not selecting the backup, please click on Next button to move to the last step.

            • Step 3: Component Install: Please click on Install button, this step might take you some times.

            After the installation is done, you will be redirected to the success page.

            Congratulations! The JMango360 Plugin is installed successfully.

            Did you know?
            Updating JMango360 M2 Plugin to the latest version by following steps as listed below:
            1. After you log in to the Extension Manager, a list displays as follows:

            • Updates Available displays the number of extensions you can update.
            • Extensions Ready to Install displays the number of extensions you can install.
            • Last Refresh displays the last time you refreshed the list of extensions on Magento Marketplace.

              Click Refresh to update the information

            2. To update JMango360 plugin, click Update at the end of its row in the New Updates page then continue with step 1. Readiness Check mentioned above.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:31 PM
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