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            How to configure the JMango360 REST Plugin?

            Configure Magento site after installation of the JMango360 REST plugin 
            After the JMango360 REST plugin is installed successfully on your Magento site, please turn back to the admin panel to configure.

            I. JMango360 Mobile
            From menu bar in admin panel, please navigate to JMango360>>Settings (or System >> Configuration, in part Services from left control panel, open JMango360 Mobile), the JMango360 Mobile Configuration page will be displayed: 

            Connection Credentials
            This allows you to create the integration credential which will be used for integrating the app with your Mangeto site via JMango360 REST plugin. 
            • Username: jmango360 (by default)
            • API Key: Use default generated API key or a new API key, for example: JXKO39KJ3DQYEAX8SY
            • Change "Use token for API communications" to NO. 

            Click ‘’Save Config’’ to finish.
            Other settings

            JMango360 provides a wide range of settings which allow your app to be worked flexibly and independently from your Magento website. Please go to the separated articles below to get more details:
            4. Customer settings
            Bazaarvoice settings


            Please go to System>>Configuration>>Web, check the flag "Use SID on frontend" against the target website to make sure it is set to Yes. 
            There is no need to set "Use SID on frontend" filed if the JMango360 REST Plugin installed with version 2.1.2 and later.
            Click ‘’Save Config’’ to finish.

            Click ‘’Save Config’’ to finish.

            You're now ready to integrate with the site via JMango360 REST plugin.

            Did you know?

            When creating an app with Magento App Quick Start, at Verify Configure Plugin step, JMango360 automatically generates a credential for you to integrate the app with Magento site. You can copy that  credential and paste to the JMango360 Mobile Configuration page then "Save config".

            Please make sure the credential used for integrating in App Settings and the credential  entered in JMango360 Mobile Configuration page are the same.

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            Updated: 16 Apr 2019 06:33 PM
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