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            Log in to JMango360 Back Office

            JMango360 Back Office is where you set up, configure, design, and do other tasks related to your mobile app. Follow the steps below to log in to JMango360 Back Office:

            Step 1: From the homepage, click Log In at the top right corner.

            Step 2: The login form appears on the next screen. Do any of the following:

            1. Fill in your credentials and click Sign In to proceed.
            2. Click Sign in with Facebook if you signed up with your Facebook account.
            3. Click Sign in with Google if you signed up with your Google+ account.
            4. Click Sign up for free here if you haven't got an account.
            5. You can view how-to guide and leave a ticket by clicking the two links at the bottom of the login form.
            After successfully logging in, you're presented with My Apps menu where you can find your existing apps or create new apps.

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